Grace Green, British, studied painting at Falmouth School of Art 2013-2016. Currently painting in Somerset, England. 

Grace’s paintings focus on the fruitfulness and fecundity of life in all its forms but principally the absorption in organic growth. Considering the idea of a glasshouse acting as an incubator to the plants, protecting them from harsher climates, they create a safe place to enable plants to nourish and grow, much like the mother’s womb.  Sometimes the abstracted plant forms represent in my mind the microscopic cell structures in nature.

Sometimes less organic forms such as chicken- wire have been introduced as a reminder of constraints that are placed by man over nature. But throughout the primary desire is for focusing on growth, nurture, transformation, and more recently a figure is present, introducing the feeling of interaction between human and nature. Colour is paramount both referentially and in its pure, abstract state.